The main purpose of blockchain, its main philosophy, is decentralisation. Yet, all projects revolves around a team. Without them, the project will not be able to keep itself alive. Because of this kind of centralisation, teams are able to make users think of a “DAO” when it is the team that decide to follow or not the votes made through DAO.

You may know we are a french team. Let say that we know what it takes to vote for something, and to be purely ignored since the result was not the like of our governement : i’m talking about a referundum made in 2005 that was bluntly ignored, and we do not forget it even 19 years after.

Since you may don’t care at all about what french governement do, just think about how the fact that this team is french is a red flag for many : doing a fully transparent system that do not need the team at the end of the day makes the fact that the team is french, well, with no importance

Projects shall be fully managed by the people, no team behind

To get more into it, find our project whitepaper

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